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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jackpot Happy Hour & Popcorn (vs Pistons)

For our next Wiz Happy Hour, we decided to attempt to discover the mysterious Jackpot, a basement bar in Chinatown that doesn't even have a sign. Well, they do have a board out front pointing you inside, but it can still be pretty hard to find. This was a fun spot for happy hour because it was not too crowded, they have great craft beer, and of course, they give you free popcorn (Photos). We even gave away a free ticket to the game! Plus, after the meetup the Wizards took care of the Pistons to remain undefeated (3-0) at home.

Jackpot is a pretty low key bar. The "secret" location and the higher prices of beer keep away some of the dregs. The bar gets pretty packed, but not too much so and there are less crazy people in there as opposed to a Rocket Bar or Iron Horse. The happy hour here is another great every day happy hour that runs until 8pm, ideal for pregaming for the Wizards. The discount gives you $2 off their good selection of craft beers, or $5 rail drinks.

Also, in case you didn't know, the bars in Chinatown that don't serve food (like Jackpot) allow you to bring in outside food. One of the members of the group even brought a few subs to share with the group. The beer of choice for the crew turned out to be Pennsylvania's Victory Brewing's Headwater Pale Ale which paired very well with the free popcorn.

Jackpot was a fun time and afterwards we were treated to a Wizards victory. Until next time. See you out there & Go Wiz!

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