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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

6 Giffy Reasons You Need To Be At Hard Times This Friday

We are holding our big Fairfax Watch Party this Friday at Hard Times Cafe in Fairfax, Va (RSVP) and we are getting excited about what is to come. We are going to watch the Wizards beat the Heat and enjoy great food and drinks with other Wizards fans. Here are 5 reasons why you have no excuse to miss this fun event.

1. Because The Specials, My Gosh The Specials!

In Virginia it is rare to have a happy hour special last past 7pm. However, we have convinced Hard Times to give Wiz Happy Hour participants $2.50 Bud Lights all the way up to 9pm! Along with that they will offer $4 bombs all night long. This should keep your wallet and your belly full for the evening.


2. Because Hard Times Chili Is Amazing

Forget that there is even an event going on. Travelling to Hard Times is worth it for the chili. They have 4 different varieties, and if you've never been there before they let you taste all 4 of them in a free mini-sampler before you make your final decision. My favorite is the Texas ground beef chili. What's yours?


3. Because DC Is Literally Rising

Remember years ago when everyone was jumping on the Washington Capitals bandwagon. Well starting towards the end of last year and extending into this season the Wizards are trending more and more throughout the entire DMV. The team is currently a top seed in the East and is dominating at home. Why not show your support and meet some other fans just like yourselves who are riding the Wizards wave of fun.


4. Because You Are A Lady and It Is Ladies Night

Hard Times has a ladies night every Friday. Now we are pushing this not because we want a bunch of dudes to come out and creep out ladies. We are pointing this out because female Wizards fans will be able to get drink specials that the rest of us don't have access to. We are all about taking advantage of specials here!


5.  Because There Is A Free Happy Hour Buffet

Each Friday during Happy Hour Hard Times has a free buffet between 3pm and 7pm that they offer if you are purchasing drinks. We actually have no idea what this consists of, if it a nacho bar or a plate full of carrots. However, it is free, and it is food. So get there early and fill up your belly for the night of drinking ahead (see #1).


6.  Because the Audio Will Be Playing

What better way to enjoy a Wizards game than to be able to hear Steve Buckhantz scream Dagger! Well judging by the area bars you may have never even been to a bar that will put the Wizards game on the TV let alone the sound. Not to worry! We've talked to Hard Times and we are getting sound!



We are giving away some cool Wizards prizes including autographed memorabilia. The main event...this Marcin Gortat autographed floorboard!


Wow. Looks like a lot of fun!  If you plan on joining us please RSVP via Facebook and let your friends know!

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