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Monday, December 8, 2014

Exploring The New Denson Liquor Bar Happy Hour

Join us on Monday night as Wiz Happy Hour takes you back in time to the roaring 20's for some pre-prohibiton fun. Our roving gang of Wizards fans will be exploring the brand new Denson Liquor Bar, an underground speakeasy located unassumingly in a basement across the street from the Verizon Center. This place just opened a month ago and looks like it will be a very interesting experience.

I know. You are shocked. We've decided to take a break from drinking cheap PBR out of cans and class it up a little bit with some old fashioned gin and rye whiskey drinks before we watch our Wiz kids take on the boys from Beantown. But don't fret. This is really happening!

Photo of the bar via Denson Liquor Bar on Facebook

Denson is a classy establishment, Marcin Gortat classy. I'ts not really for the jersey wearing curse wielding fans, but on a Monday straight from the office it should be a relaxing and fun engagement. The bar features a variety of liquor drinks, a few craft beers, a few items to snack on, and a happy hour that runs until 7pm. ($5 off cocktails, which makes them still around $9 each).

The prices at Denson aren't typical Wiz Happy Hour style, in fact far from it (as you can see above), but we thought we may as well check it out once! I'm not expecting many people to be into the cheese plates or meat boards, but I wouldn't mind sitting down and sipping on an old fashioned. In fact even the bar nuts run $9, so you are probably going to want to snack up elsewhere.  Come for a single nip and a conversation!

Classy Bros via Gortat on Instagram

It is going to be a lot of fun, so stop being a dewdropper! Get off your keyster and head into our Nation's Capital for some nifty drinks and some quality basketball. Toots sweet! And if you are from Boston you can take it on the arches!

Denson is located on the dark side of Verizon Center (FYI Dark side is 6th street to the capital), a basement entrance underneath Fuel Pizza Cafe at the corner of 6th and F. Visit their website for more information.

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