Tuesday, December 2, 2014

La Tasca Happy Hour & The Tapas Struggle (vs Heat)

The Miami Heat were in town so we decided to add a little Spanish flair to our Wiz Happy Hours by meeting up at La Tasca before the Wizards win. La Tasca has the best sangria around (if you are into that) and they have lots of homemade flavors on special at happy hour (Photos). There were also specials on tapas and other drinks as well. While this looks like a great place to take a date, this group of bros still had a good time. We even were feeling generous and gave away two more free tickets to the Wizards game.

La Tasca is a semi-upscale and chill Spanish place across from Verizon Center. They are known for their Sangria which is just $4 during happy hour (til 7pm). You can also get premium sangria for $6 a glass, or order pitchers of either on special for $18 or $22. They had about 7 or so different flavors, but the seasonal cinnamon one was the favorite of the random lady next to us.

Despite the abundance of sangria, most of the Wiz Happy Hour crew was drinking beer, specifically the Spanish beer Mahou, which along with all the beers on draft was also $4. It isn't like Mahou is amazing, but I think we were all getting into that Spanish feel. Dogfish Head was on special too, and would have been my #1 choice. Wine was also $4.

The other sort of great part about La Tasca is they have a lot of great food to sample. During happy hour they have tapas available for just $4. They don't just throw a few items on their, they have about 15 different choices to try.

While the food is really good I'd like to warm you about these "tapas". You are basically ordering a sample as one Wiz Happy Hour member realized when his plate of 6 mini tater tots came out.  Good food. Super small portions. We've def got a beef with these tapas.

Aside from enjoying this new to all of us spot and learning about tapas, we also had some good discussions about the Wizards. We gave away 2 free tickets to the game as well.

La Tasca is a pretty fun spot to go before games if you are in a small group or a couple. The specials aren't the best, but a good way to sample this restaurant. I'm not sure if we will come back before a Wizards game with the crew, but maybe on my next date. As always, looking forward to meeting you soon. See you out there & Go Wiz!

*Picture via Mahou

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