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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Suiting Up For The Speakeasy - Denson Liquor Bar

On Monday night before the huge 2OT win against the Boston Celtics, the Wiz Happy Hour crew suited up (well one of us did) and went to the brand new secret subterrainan speakeasy across from Verizon Center called Denson Liquor Bar (Photos).

The establishment was very interesting, with an art deco Great Gatsby type look and some of the friendliest staff in all of DC. We enjoyed some of their signature drinks, put back a few dozen oysters, and talked about what the Wizards needed to do to get back on the winning track.

Denson is a classy and dark little basement bar that puts out a very relaxing vibe, perfect for happy hour (Weekdays, 4:30pm-7pm). While the prices are a little higher than you may be used to paying ($9 happy hour drinks, $6 beers), the atmosphere, friendly staff, and deliciousness of the well crafted specialty drinks makes this a hot and trendy pregame locale despite the lack of "sports bar" feel and having no TVs (which will scare away a lot of sports fans).

Most of us did sample a few of their signature hand crafted old fashioned liquor drinks (Sidecar, Sazerac) but by the end of the happy hour we were all sipping on some Sierra Nevada Kellerweis, one of the beers they have (they only have bottled beer they pour into a glass, no draft beer, no watered down crappy beer either). Oysters were also very popular and at a discount for hh.

Another thing that endeared this place to us is that Marilyn the general manager of the bar came and personally welcomed the Wiz Happy Hour group. She even had a few nuggets to tell us about the Washington Wizards which was really cool.  The bartenders were all very friendly and told us some of their bad customer war stories. And if you enjoy water, they make sure you have some at all times...ALL times.

The happy hour was a lot of fun and some of us even stayed after for a bonus drink before heading in a tad bit late to our seats (classic DC sports fan thing to do).  And guess what! Another Wiz Happy Hour member picked up a free ticket to the game!

It was great to explore a brand new bar that we didn't even know was right under our noses (seriously, they have no sign and are located in a random stairwell next to trash dumpsters). After you add in the results of the Wizards game it was a pretty successful night. We hope to have you join us soon. See you out there & Go Wiz!

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