Tuesday, December 30, 2014

World of Beer Round 1 Arlington (@ Rockets)

"Another round of samples for me and my friends!"

It was a random Monday night and I was about to get ready for a night in bed watching the Wizards when my phone started to buzz. It was a tweet from a Wiz Happy Hour guy. He said a few people were going to watch the Wizards game at a bar and invited me out. I looked at my bed, the door, my bed, the door, the bed...and then walked out the door.

Minutes later I was at World of Beer in Arlington drinking an Orkney Skullsplitter and watching the Rockets mascot shoot a basketball at a broken rim.  Why?  Because Wiz Happy Hour that's why!

The bar was fairly crowded for a Monday night. Not a single television was on the Wizards game, which was rectified with no issue. There were 40 darkly dressed individuals throughout the barstools and tables and one weirdo in a bright red Wizards shirt with terrible hair at the bar. Woo ha!

I joined the small group of Wizards fans at the bar and we all huddled around the 1 TV the Wizards were given (it was also on the huge screen in the restaurant area) and ordered some high alcohol content beers (The Stone Enjoy By IPA was the beer of choice) to warm us up as we watched the Wiz and the Caps side by side.

While most of the bar was quiet and having some romantic chats, the Wizards fans were not. We were clapping. We were groaning. We were cheering. We were living and dying on every play. We were fans.

At a place like World of Beer that has a billion beers on tap (They have a table computer/ipad thing now to search their beer list which is amazing) you can typically request a small sample taste of a beer to see if you want to order one. This is designed to help you pick a beer, not to enjoy an entire drink by requesting 12 samples. Wiz Happy Hour crew did not understand this.

One guy asked to sample the same beer 2 times (which he denies) and everyone kept asking for random samples. It became a "thing" and soon everyone was joking about samples over and over again. By the end of the night the bartenders, who thought it was hilarious, were pouring us samples of beer every Wizards commercial break after a big run and we took them down like they were shots of liquor.

As the Wizards locked up the game and the final buzzer sounded, the loud, rowdy, and passionate Wiz fans let out one final cheer as they downed another beer sample. Oh and it was decided that we are going to do the whole thing over again Tuesday at the World of Beer in Reston...WIZARDS FEVER!!!!!

The staff at World of Beer were shocked and excited at the turnout and say they want to get more Wizards fans in this season. When just a few of us gather at a bar people notice and they start to pay attention to the Wizards. Join us at our next event and help us get louder and stronger! 

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