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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

World Of Beer Round 2 Reston (@ Mavericks)

Why have samples when you can have shots?

That amazing question was asked by our bartender, a huge Wizards fan, at World of Beer in Arlington on Tuesday night. Just 1 night before (we may have a problem) the Wiz Happy Hour crew met up at the WOB in Arlington for an awesome night of Wizards basketball watching. During that crazy time the bartenders kept giving us shots (samples) of beer every time the Wizards made a great play and we all toasted to the Wiz. This time we had some fun washing down our Wizards with college basketball, trivia, and a bartender who blew our minds...

After a few drinks (Munich's Hacker-Weiss was the beer of choice) on Tuesday, a bad loss for the Wizards and an even more devastating loss for our Trivia team (trivia night Tuesdays at WOB Reston) we decided to get one round of samples for old times (1 day ago) sake. That is when our bartender looked at us like we were crazy and poured us each a tequila shot stating "Why have samples when you can have shots".

We all just nodded and agreed as we toasted "To Samples!". What nobody responded with, but was the truth is, "We are too cheap to buy shots, samples are free!"  Yep. That's how the Wiz Happy Hour crew rolls.

If you haven't been to World of Beer in Reston it gets quite crowded and can be hard to find a seat or a table, especially with a large group. Somehow we secured multiple barstools at the end of the bar with plenty of space for the standers around to chat about the Wizards. The bar has a lot of TVs all in a row, and were all fixated on the Wiz game...for a bit (the Maryland vs Mich State game turned out to be the one to watch).

Our bartender saw our Wizards gear and immediately came over to give us his take on the state of the organization, and to ensure us that he'd put the game on the TV right in front of us (we arrived quite early).  While things didn't get as rowdy as the night before (a loss will do that), we still had an awesome time getting loud for the Wizards. There was even an NBA question during trivia!

"Elmore Morgenthaler was the first player in the NBA with this physical distinction?"





Give Up?

He was the first 7 footer to play in the league!

See how fun that was!  We hope you can join us some time soon for a game! See you out there & Go Wiz!

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