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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bar-sketball Crawl Invades Chinatown

When I looked up and saw half of a packed bar chanting and screaming for the Wizards, I knew the bar-sketball crawl was a huge success. We had conquered 4 different bars in 4 different quarters and ended up getting to see a Wizards victory.

The turnout was unbelievable and people were excited about the opportunity to show off their favorite jersey (event photos). We gave away a few prizes, played some games and had a heck of a good time. And most importantly, we repped the Washington Wizards on the streets of DC!

The bar crawl started off at Penn Social for "pregame warm ups". During this hour before the tip everyone checked in and familiarized themselves with the rules of the bar basketball game. People arrived early and most were dressed for the occasion. We had a referee and a bunch of different college and pro jerseys including Muggsy Bogues Charlotte Hornets, Carmello Anthony Syracuse jersey, Dennis Rodman's College Jersey (Southeastern Oklahoma State Savages) and one participant even wore a Space Jam Tune Squad uniform.

We held our first contest of the night, the arcade pop-a-shot tournament, and the winner not only took home the autographed Kris Humphries photo (for sinking 16 footers like Humph), but also scored a crazy 73 points which decimated the machine's high score.

Soon the Wizards vs Nets game started and so did Bar Basketball. The scorecard looked complicated but the scoring was fun and easy. There were some fun challenges on there and there was a fierce competition to take home the championship (there was even a big dispute at the end).

After the first quarter ended we marched down the streets of Chinatown following the giant John Wall cardboard head and the Wiz Happy Hour banner from bar to bar. It was great to see all the random people in the city stopping to ask us what we were doing and to hear how excited they are about John Wall & the Wizards. We def represented Wizards fans well.

The crawl took us up and around Verizon Center to Iron Horse (skee-ball & mystery shots), Rocket Bar (more skee-ball & PBR) and ending up at Jackpot (Mad Elf) watching a quarter of the Wizards at each bar. Overall this idea was fun and challenging, but it was a lot more work and a lot less relaxing. For our next one we will make a few modifications.

Along the way we lost a few people and gained a few people but by the time the final buzzer sounded, a Wizards win, we had 30 or so people chanting "Let's Go Wizards!" in the bar. What an amazing time and a great way to show the city that Wizards fans not only exist but are a lot of fun. We hope you can join us next time!


Wednesday: Comcast & Fox 5 Doing a Story at our KD2DC Happy Hour - Penn Social 6pm-8pm
Saturday: Wizards Power Hour & Game watch - Ventnor Sports Cafe - starting 9pm

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