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Monday, January 26, 2015

BREAKING: Pro Bowl Fans Discovered In Washington, DC

*Clank* ... "Awwww Man!!!!"

That is what I heard from my Penn Quarter Sports Tavern barstool last night. While I was watching the Wizards game on the TV in front of me I heard a group of people from across the bar shuffling around and making a whole lot of noise for a Sunday night.  They had been clapping randomly all night, but this time I had to look up to see what had happened...A guy missed an extra point in the Pro Bowl...are you serious? This is "Awwwww Man" worthy!?! I must have been being punked...

On second thought I shouldn't have been surprised because this group, two females and one male, had been watching and cheering for the Pro Bowl all night. (Did they think the Pro Bowl was the championship game in football?....no...they couldn't have....right?) In fact when the Wizards game came on at 8pm and the bar put the Wizards audio on the loudspeakers (at a sports bar in Washington DC only a few blocks from Verizon Center, home of the Washington Wizards), the 3 Pro Bowl fans complained and forced them to put the Pro Bowl audio back on.

It was great to hear the coin toss at full volume while Rasuel Butler was hitting a 3 pointer. Who doesn't love a good coin toss! Oh wait! I know 3 people who don't!

When one hears someone cheering for the most meaningless game in all of sports, one takes a curious interest. What are the motivating factors? Do they have friends or family on the team? Did they go to college with one of the guys? Are they just really super fans of a particular team/player? (I watched 0 seconds of Alfred Morris).

Well after observing the strange creatures for several minutes an even crazier impetus was discovered. These people weren't cheering for specific players, not even a specific Pro Bowl team (which also wouldn't make sense but would make more sense). They were cheering for...FOOTBALL!!!!

Is cheering for 'football' better than cheering for 'Team Irvin'? I know both are wrong answers but I couldn't decide if they were the worst or just an iota below the worst.

These people actually thought they were watching football. Just good football all around. Both sides are playing hard. Both sides are winners! All the players are winners! What a great lead up to the Super Bowl!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!

The older couple behind us was yelling at the bartender, and yelling at each other, in an attempt to get women's tennis on a television as well...so great sports night all around

Luckily for the Wiz Happy Hour crew these football fanatics (I bet they think watching the pro-bowl means they are big fans) left before Wizards halftime and Wiz sound was restored to the bar. The whole bar started heckling them as soon as they exited the place and then one final thing happened that made me happy to have witnessed such a crazy scene...

The Three (their new nickname) stood outside in the January cold and continued to watch the game through the window of the bar, slowly walking backwards, until a commercial hit where they finally walked away and out of sight. I'm surprised they didn't run home...

So where were you the magical night where we discovered the three people who actually really really really enjoy the Pro Bowl? You could have been at Wiz Happy Hour being a part of history. Hope you can make it next time!

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