Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buffalo Wild Wings & Wizards: The Late Night Wing Mistake

Chicken wings are delicious. Especially at one of our favorite places of all time, Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3). Every Tuesday night they have 25 cent wing night...which apparently I'm not in college anymore and is now 65 cent wing night (booo). So we thought it might be fun to grab some late night wings, play some trivia, and watch some late night west coast Wizards (vs Lakers). What could go wrong!?

To shake things up a bit and allow some of our middle of nowhere Virginians get a chance to support the Wiz without taking a flight to DC, the Wiz Happy Hour crew met up at BW3 in Dulles/Ashburn/Sterling/Nowhere. The place has a lot of TVs and 2 giant screens right behind the bar. The Caps game just ended (loss #4 in a row) and we gathered around the bar to watch the Wiz.

One of the great things about going out with Wiz Happy Hour is that more often than not we convince the bar to put the sound on for the game. This was no different and man is it 100x better to watch a basketball game with the sound of Steve Buckhantz blaring out of the speaker system.

With the audio blasting and the Wizards game on the big screen I was feeling good. I was sipping on some delicious water, no beer for me (this was event #36 in less than 3 months, I'm trying to survive til the end of the season at least). I was looking forward to a Wednesday morning hangover free. I...was wrong...

At first I decided to grab 10 hot barbecue wings. These saucy guys were spicy as heck and caused me to down 2 waters & 2 iced teas. By the time I ate the last one I needed a shower, and I was also full. But it was wing night. YOWO!

I threw down another order of 10 wings. This time Teriyaki. Not spicy at all, I figured I could take these down with limited water & napkins. While the spice didnt' get me the sweetness did. Another water & iced tea down.

By this time the game audio was getting me pretty amped up and the Wizards had just came back to tie the game from 19 down. This calls for a celebration! Another round of wings please! This time it was 8 more dessert heat wings. Dry rub. No problem.

Well I soon found myself staring into my wing basket looking at 2 remaining wings. My stomach was telling me no. My brain was telling me no. Every part of me was telling me no...but my pride...my pride (my inner-Randy Wittman) was saying "GO FOR IT!!!!"

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up with a stomach ache and a headache. Somehow I still had wing sauce on my face. I had indigestion and heart burn at the same time and I had to sit up in bed and breathe deeply to keep from throwing up. I had 0 beers and 0 sodas...how could this happen!

I honestly don't even know. Did the Wizards win? I remember an orange round thing going towards a hoop...Oh well..I am the Swaggy P of wings!

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