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Saturday, January 3, 2015

KD 2 DC Watch Party: A Losing Smile


The entire patronage of Lou’s City Bar broke out in a loud groan. It sounded like somebody was being murdered at the beer tap table. The Oklahoma City Thunder had just hit a huge shot that spelled dagger for the Washington Wizards, my favorite sports team in the whole world. And for some reason, I couldn’t help but crack a smile.

For years I’ve gone to bars, restaurants, parties, and people’s houses and had to beg and plead just to get a Wizards basketball game on the TV. And then it was me smashed into a corner anti-socially watching a regular season sporting event on whatever nubby television was granted the honor of broadcasting the game. But now I was standing with 50 fans who, albeit dejected, had all come together to support their home team and it was something special.

The theme of the event that night was a “KD 2 DC” party. While we kind of like our Wizards the way they are, we know that a lot of fans would love to see a player with the star caliber of a Kevin Durant rocking a Wizards uniform. So we put together all the Kevin Durant schtick we could come up with and headed to Lou’s City Bar in Columbia Heights to join with what we though might be 10 Wizards fans.

The event was supposed to begin at 7pm, and by 7:10 I was beginning to get a little nervous when the place was empty. Was I wrong about the passion from the city? Did I overestimate the buzz for this event!? (Washington Post Going Out Guide, DC Sports Bog)

Heck no!

A few minutes later people were literally swarming in to get a seat. The bar had reserved us several tables and they filled up fast. I couldn’t even keep up with the line of Wizards fans waiting to fill out a name tag and enter the prize drawing. By the time the game tipped off at 8pm with the sound of Steve Buckhantz’s pregame voice blasting throughout the bar, the crowd had been extended outside our designated area and to the whole entire bar. Amazing.

Throughout the night we did several wacky Come Home KD bits. We got everyone a mini Kevin Durant cardboard mask to hold over their faces. We had a poster making station for fans to make signs. We played a crazy game called Pin The Jersey On The Durant. Come Home KD gave away an awesome KD shirt. We even had fans record personal recruitment pitches to KD via video camera. A wild and crazy time (event photos)

We were grateful to have a bunch of special guests as well. Fritz Hahn from the Washington Post Going Out Guide was in attendance along with the people behind Barred In DC, the DC bar scene blog. The Come Home KD crew joined us to show off their Durant Wizards shirts and Adam McGinnis from Truth About It stepped in for the game as well.

As the game went on the crowd got more and more excited, eventually cheering (or groaning) just about every play. The college football bowl alumni groups were strolling in to watch a bowl game and were shocked to find fans that were rowdier and louder than them. Right at the peak of excitement the Thunder hit a big shot to basically end the game causing the reaction described in the first paragraph, and the smile on my face.

Lou’s was a great place to hold an event. The staff was very friendly and was really into the bits. John from Lou's City Bar even joined us as a fan on his night off.  There were food and drink specials for Wizards fans, the Wiz game on every TV, and the key to a perfect Wizards event, the sound throughout the bar. We had so much fun at Lou’s we ended up rolling with a crew of 10 Wizards fans to two more bars on an impromptu bar crawl. A great night! And to be honest, nobody even remembered the event had a Kevin Durant theme. We were all pumped up for THIS Wizards team. #DCRising

Hope you can join us soon...


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