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Monday, January 26, 2015

Marcin Gortat Action Figure BBQ Bar Fight - Wizards Pregame

Ok, that title sounds quite weird, but we have so many cool aspects of our next big pregame happy hour that we jammed them all into one awesome header.

Join us on Saturday, January 31st before the Wizards take on the Raptors (a huge game and also free Marcin Gortat Action Figure night) for a special pregame Wiz Happy Hour at Hill Country Barbecue (again), just a short walk from Verizon Center.  The happy hour will feature some great drink specials (RSVP required for writsband), some wonderful food choices, and an environment filled with Wizards fans ready to talk basketball. Oh, and let's not forget, we are going to have a Marcin Gortat Action Figure Bar Fight as well...uh....

For those of you unfamiliar with what a Marcin Gortat Action Figure Bar Fight is (that would be all of you), it is where we take a Marcin Gortat action figure and pit him up against other action figures that you the fan bring to happy hour in a no holds barred Texas slobberknocker bar fight. No rules. Just the way the Polish Machine likes it.

Yes, that is correct. We want you to steal your little cousin's He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-men and whatever other characters you can find laying around and bring them in to happy hour for a good old fashioned Texas bar fight with Marcin Gortat. We will be looking for volunteer announcers, volunteer "fighters" and we'll film the whole thing!  Spoiler Alert, Polish Machine Never Loses!

Aside from those shenanigans the Happy Hour will just be a fun and casual pregame before the Wiz have their big matchup with the Raptors. Drink specials include $3 PBR, $5 house margaritas, $5 rail drinks & shots, and $4 wine. We also just got a bonus special with $5 Shiner drafts!!! (remember you must RSVP to get a wristband for the specials)

Hill Country also offers some awesome barbecue food which you pay for like a cafeteria and can bring over to the happy hour. (Don't forget your free side).

If you plan on coming RSVP online and let us know if you are bringing a challenger for Gortat! Hope to see you there action figure or not!

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