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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tiger Breath: What Is a Caipirinha and what is Cachaça?

Pic via Cuba Libre Facebook & Instagram

This Wednesday, the Wiz Happy Hour crew is adding some flair to their arsenal as we meetup at Cuba Libre before the Wizards host the Knicks at Verizon (Drinks @ 6pm). This restaurant & rum bar features several food & drink items on their happy hour menu that look very intriguing. However, one of the items that is included is something that my uncultured self has never even heard of (have I?).

One of the main featured specialty happy hour drinks that the restaurant serves in a variety of ways, is a caipirinha, a drink made with something called Cachaça. The bartenders at Cuba Libre pour a Guava Caipirinha ($5), a Classic Caipirinha ($5), a Fruit Infused Caipirinha ($6), and even an Energy Caipirinha infused with Red Bull ($5) at happy hour. But what the heck is a caipirinha and what the heck is cachaça.

Pic Via Velho Barreiro

Well after a quick "something search" (Arrested Development) we have learned that cachaça is the #1 liquor in the nation of Brazil (sorry, Brasil). This sugercane based liquor (classified as a rum in the United States) is mostly used to add a tropical flavor to drinks, and the main cocktail created with this ingredient is the caipirinha. Brazilians apparently have several words for this distilled spirit, including the heart-opener, eye wash, holy water, and our favorite, tiger breath. Bad-ass.

The classic Caipirinha consists of Cachaça, sugar, and lime (or other fruit). Cuba Libre adds a little pizazz to this drink, offering the following 4 selections during their happy hour (every day, 5pm-7pm) pulled direct from the restaurant web site. Keep in mind these drinks are regularly over $10!

Housemade Caipirinha Infusion      6
A seasonal selection of the brightest fruits, herbs and/or spices, soaked in Velho Barreiro Cachaça, guarapo, fresh lime juice, sugar, muddled limes

Guava Caipirinha      5
Licor Beirao, guava puree, guarapo, fresh lime juice

Energy Caipirinha      5
Velho Barriro Cachaça, Red Bull, guarapo, lime juice, muddled oranges and limes

Classic Caipirinha      5
Velho Barreiro Cachaça, guarapo, fresh lime juice, muddled limes

Along with these drinks Cuba Libre also offers a bunch of good looking small plates for $4-$5, $4 Wine, $4 sangria, and a random beer for $3.50. Check out our happy hour preview for more info.

So join us this Wednesday. We don't care if you are going to the game or not. This should be a good time and we look forward to Drinking Capricachacarinhaitas! (Don't forget to RSVP at the link banner above!)

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