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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wizards Fans Pack Penn Commons

The Wizards had a huge win against the Chicago Bulls last night, launching them up to the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference! But before the Wizards were winning on the court the Wiz Happy Hour was winning off the court at the awesome new-ish Penn Commons for an extended happy hour event (Photos).

The awesome staff at Penn Commons welcomed the 20+ awesome Wiz fans with open arms as we enjoyed their selection of 40 draft beers on tap ($5 each at happy hour), took some more epic mask group pictures, munched on pretzel rolls and other great food, and of course trolled the Bulls a little bit.

Penn Commons at happy hour is the place to be before games. Once 6pm rolls around there is barely a place to stand but that doesn't stop the crowds from coming in for the best craft beer happy hour in town.

PC has 40 craft beers on tap, knows the difference between them all, can make recommendations, and then at the end they only charge you $5 for a glass. The management is super excited about the Wizards and let the Wiz Happy Hour crew get an extended hour of happy hour before we went into the game.

I arrived early to secure a nice spot for the group and Penn Commons had already reserved us a table. A Loooooong table. There were a lot of vultures hovering around the only empty seats in the whole restaurant, but soon enough my Wizards compadres showed up and we took over the back corner. Just a little after the event's official start time we had every single seat filled and then some.

The craft beer was flowing, specifically the local beers. I saw a lot of people with DC Brau beverages in their hands (Draft beer exclusive double IPA called Alpha Domina Mellis) and I had a few Atlas District Commons on my own. The food item of choice was the Hot Pretzel Baguette. At one point (thanks in part to Stephen the awesome GM at PC) I counted about 5 of them on the table at once.

Aside from having a lot of fun with masks from different Wizards players we also figured we'd have to do a few things to poke fun at the Bulls. We decided to target Joakim Noah, because he is constantly on the court screaming, seemingly for not even impressive plays. We decided that the theme of our Bulls trolling would have to be "Shut Noah Up!".

We had a bunch of Noah masks for people to bring into the game...of course with duct tape over the mouth, and we even played a special game where the goal is to cover Noah's mouth with different objects. It was all in good fun and we had a great time. Then after the game where Noah had just 3 points and a technical foul, we felt like the bit payed off well!

Overall we had an amazing time at Penn Commons and look forward to coming back soon. It is refreshing to see a bar that already has a great crowd welcome in Wizards fans and take such good care of us!  Thanks to everyone who came out and if you missed it I hope you can join us next time.

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