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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Day Marcin Gortat Saved The Universe

Marcin Gortat flew through the air at the bar, weaving in and out between the patrons. Every once in a while he would stop for a quick drink of Shiner Bock and then take right back to the air to deal with the arriving army of evil action figures who had showed up at the bar to ruin the night for Wizards fans. When it was all said and done Gortat stood amidst the pile of bodies, broken bottles and chair pieces with his hands above his head, victorious, and the good people of Washington DC were saved…

That couldn’t have happened in real life, could it have? Well…it did happen...at Saturday night’s Wiz Happy Hour Barbecue Bar Fight at Hill Country Barbecue before the Wiz game. Wizards fans brought in some of their old action figures (there was a power ranger, a GI-Joe, some wrestlers, a giant Iron Man and more) to take part in the epic pregame battle royal bar fight (Photos). Everyone had a great time being a kid again, having fun with a cool in-game giveaway, drinking a lot of great Shiner beer and stuffing their faces with some of the best barbecue around. It was another wild and crazy Wiz Happy Hour.

Earlier in the season we met up for a quick drink at Hill Country before a Wizards game (even stuck a Wizards sticker on their beer fridge) and enjoyed the chill front bar area. This time however we had a much bigger crowd and the great people at HCBBQ set us up with basically our own personal bar in their great downstairs dining area. Despite the fact that it was a Saturday the bar threw Wiz fans a bone giving us a special Saturday happy hour with extra beer specials up until tip-off.

The hard part about pulling off this event was obtaining the Marcin Gortat action figure before the game. While it may seem like Wiz Happy Hour is doing a lot of great things to promote the team and get the fans interested (we are) the Wizards did not offer us a first look at the action figure and we (I) had to go out and grab one. I did this by literally sprinting up 7th street to the Verizon Center, anxiously waiting in a line for 10 minutes, grabbing my allotted action figure, then sprinting once again all the way back to the bar. Somehow, I made it back to the bar by 5:58pm (doors at the game open at 6pm) with my Marcin Gortat Action figure and the epic battle began.

We had another huge crowd for this one and everyone had a great time. I was shocked when people actually took back their old action figures like they were prized possessions.

After the happy hour and inside the arena I put on my DC Sports Nexus hat and walked around reporting on the action figure giveaway. While some of the people had left happy hour early to secure there toy, action figures were still being given away all the way up to the final timeout before halftime. A number of people were being a-holes and begging (bad) employees for one, lying that they didn’t get one and the (bad) employees were just handing them out with little hesitation. This would have been more frustrating had dozens of people not declined the giveaway. Dozens more threw their guy in the trash after realizing what they were handed. The best was people requesting a John Wall, then saying emphatically that they did not want one if there were no JWs.

Overall it was a fun sellout at Verizon Center and as usual a successful pregame meet up with Wizards fans. This was one that you didn’t want to miss, but if you did don’t worry, we still have half a season ahead and lots more to come. Hope to see you at Wiz Happy Hour soon!

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