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Monday, February 9, 2015

Totally A Happy Hour, Almost A Catfight

After a week off for physical reconstruction purposes (after 35+ nights out in 60 days I was on the brink of exhaustion) Wiz Happy Hour made a triumphant return to Chinatown! And despite my car breaking down on the way in (Wiz Happy Hour finds a way!) we had a good turnout (Photos) at Del Campo for some pregame drinks, snacks, and discussion about the Philly roadtrip coming up.

While I arrived late to the party I ended up getting the best show when a customer vs bartender spat began right next to me. It was a fun time before watching a Wizards victory.

Del Campo happy hour features 4 different specialty drinks, a few beers (like Mahou), and some wine all for $6 during happy hour. The consensus on the drinks is that they were pretty good and a nice change of pace from typical rail drinks. The small plates were...small...and a little more pricey than some of the comparable places in the area (La Tasca, Cuba Libre) but the steak empenadas I had were very delicious.

The bar area is pretty small (12 or so stools) and the restaurant is more upscale. There were not many people hanging out here about to go to the Wizards game, but all 5 of us had a bar stool and we ended up having a good time.

The drama came when everyone headed into the game. I was still waiting on my food and the happy hour was about to expire. The lady next to me attempted to order 2 glasses of wine at 6:59 to beat the happy hour price break as her friend was running a few minutes late. DENIED!

The bartender claimed it was city law that she couldn't be served 2 drinks (confirmed by Barred In DC) because she might pass it on to someone underage (in the non crowded bar). Well the woman ordering was not happy with this shoddy explanation and told the bartender that her actions were very rude and that she no longer wanted her wine because she would be spending her money elsewhere.

Then, there was an awkward 10 minutes that went by which was super awful. Every once and a while there would be some passive aggressive comments going back and forth between the 2 but the lady remained at the bar.

Eventually the woman's friend showed up and I couldn't believe what happened. The friend ordered a wine, and the lady refused to order a wine. Why did they stay!!!!!

Anyways, the awkwardness was too much for me. I headed into the game and watched the Wiz beat up on the Magic. One more game before the All Star break!


  1. It is actually against DC law to serve 2 drinks to a person at once (they're called "back-up drinks"). Bars have been fined for doing that. You can order multiple drinks, but you have to point to the people you are buying drinks for (or show their IDs)

  2. "Back-up drink" means a drink, including a single drink consisting of more than one alcoholic beverage, that is served to a customer before the customer has consumed a previously served drink.