Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wizards Fan NBA All Star Valentine's Saturday

It was my first ever dunk contest. I was super nervous. With the crowd of people all focused directly on me I began to sweat.  My dunk attempt was going to be an homage to Brent Barry and I was shaking as I walked back past the foul line.  I took a deep breath, ran to the foul line and lifted off. As I flew through the air my quad muscle popped. My left shoe fell off, I missed the rim, and the ball slipped out of my hands and went rolling down the bar...this was Wizards Fan NBA All Star Valentine's Saturday...

The night at Lou's City Bar (Photos) also included a Nerf 3 point shootout, John Wall shots, NBA All Star Saturday festivities, and sending special Valentine's to our true loves, the Washington Wizards.

The evening started off with the crew making some "clever" custom Wizards Valentine's hearts. "Be-al Mine", "You're Wall I Need" and my favorite "You Are Otto This World!". We also had a whole pile of kid's Valentine's cards with Ninja Turtles, Frozen characters, Super Heroes and more so fans could give their favorite player a Valentine.

Lou's City Bar welcomed us again and gave us some more good specials on buckets of beer and John Wall shots. The bar played the sound for the entire evening of events which was pretty amazing. They even let us set up our Nerf hoop and hold our own Wiz Fan All Star Saturday.

The highlight of the night was clearly the Nerf 3 point shootout. Each round consisted of 4 shots and then the DC3 moneyball. It was a close competition but in the end Nick P pulled out the win by sinking a moneyball at the buzzer.

It was another fun time at Lou's and a great time hanging out with Wizards fans and watching some fun NBA action. Hope you can join us next time!

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