Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fun At Fanfest

Local CBS Sports Radio station 106.7 The Fan held their 2nd annual Fanfest on Saturday in Chantilly and some of the Wiz Happy Hour crew made it out to support some of their favorite radio personalities. Unfortunately Dave Johnson & Glen Consor had to fly to Atlanta and they couldn't make it but we still got to meet a bunch of other guys we listen to daily.

The best parts of the day were the panels where a few of the guys would sit in chairs on a stage and talk about the different teams. We were able to see Danny, Cakes & JP talk about our Wizards  & Chad/Grant/Danny/JP talk about the Skins and it led to some of the funniest moments of the day.

Someone Says Something...Allegedly 

When I first walked into Fan Fest I saw one of the guys from the radio who I had met before. He was walking past me and I said hello as he went by. All he said was "We're F**king Losing!".

He was talking about the Caps, and he was talking at a very family/children oriented event. I couldn't stop laughing (which is the theme of the day).

Chuckles Crashes The Party

The guys were talking Wizards for a few minutes when all of a sudden there was some commotion across the room. Someone was screaming and headed towards the Junkies on stage. Someone with big floppy feet.  It was Chuckles!

If you don't know who Chuckles is, he's a Junkies caller that happens to be a clown.

Anyways, while Cakes is in the middle of a sentence Chuckles shows up and starts screaming about balloon animals. The clown had no regard for what was going on and just stopped the whole show. I almost fell over laughing.

Cakes Gets The Face

Later (at the WIZARDS fan forum), JP from the Junks somehow brought up the Memphis Grizzlies and was naming off players who are better than Wizards players. Cakes' face started turning and the rage began to build. Finally he could take no more and for about 5 good minutes the JP Western Conference vs Cakes Wizards fight was in full effect.

Grant & Danny Scare The Children

During the Redskins fan forum, Danny had a kid come up and ask them a question about the draft. This question, again from a kid, ended up turning into a 5 minute discussion about the guy in the draft who's pregnant ex-girlfriend was murdered, and more about domestic violence. It was not a good rabbit hole to fall into, and by the end of the talk multiple parents had taken their kids and led them away. Look at the kid in the pic, he can't believe it. More laughter from me.

JP Insults All The Redskins

One of the things that got people into the door was the fact that several Redskins players were on hand signing autographs. Joe Theismann was the main attraction, but current players like Pierre Garcon, Darrell Young, and Baushad Breeland were also there signing for people. 

During the Redskins fan forum, the discussion turned to individuals vs teams or something and JP said (Loud & Clear over the PA System) something along the lines of "No offense to the guys over there signing autographs, but they don't matter, you don't matter".

Grant Wall-sen

The event was held at Nova Fieldhouse (formerly Hoop Magic) and there is a really nice full court basketball court in the facility. There were a few basketballs laying around and at one point a few people started playing some 3 on 3 including Grant Paulsen.  

Grant was basically John Wall out there. He was driving by defenders (sure they were like 10 years old, but who cares). And the one thing I learned about Grant is that all he does is no look pass. If there is a pass, there will not be a look. Look at that photo. Now that is how you pull off a no look pass with swagger...

Fun Times All Around

I had a great time at the event. As you can tell I did a lot of laughing. It was great to finally meet Chad Dukes who has been a big supporter of Wiz Happy Hour as well as Grant & Danny and JP & Cakes who are also amazing. What a fun day!

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