Monday, September 28, 2015

Our New Favorite Washington Wizards Player: Jared Dudley

Pic via @JaredDudley619

Jared Dudley, who was traded to the Wizards in July, is quickly becoming one of our favorite Washington Wizards players. First, he tweeted some good advice to Jonathan Papelbon after the fight with Bryce Harper (see below), and then he had us reeling after a hilarious interview the next day on the radio. We're not sure how much floor time he'll get this season coming off injury but after listening to him talk to Grant and Danny on Monday, we are huge fans.

Dudley spoke on 106.7 the Fan on the Grant & Danny show and talked about his health and hoping to be back by the first week of the season, how you "never touch the franchise", and discussing how coach Randy Wittman is not pro-stretch 4 but is instead "pro-winning".

The radio hosts asked him some questions about his current and former teammates and the fun just kept on coming. He called Martell Webster a "funny clown" and went on to talk about his 5 & 3 year old sons being "terrible" at Dance Dance Revolution.  He then pegged Nene as a player most likely to have a weird pet saying the following:

"He could have a seagull at his house for all I know"

The gem of the interview came when the guys asked Dudley who was the worst dressed player he ever played with and before they could even finish the question, Dudley was already saying the name of the guy.

"Adam Morrison. Remember Adam Morrison. He never took showers. He did the chewing tobacco that he spit all the time. And he wore the same 3 polos every year..."

And then

"Gerald Wallace had to force him to take a shower one time. Imagine forcing a grown man to take a shower. He should be ashamed of himself."

LOLOLOLOL. That is one of the greatest NBA stories I've ever heard. I can just picture them tossing him into the shower. And people forget that Morrison was once on the Wizards roster during training camp (I remember because he threw a shirt into the crowd and I caught it).

Welcome to DC Jared Dudley and we hope to hear him again on Grant & Danny.

Go here and listen to the podcast, this story doesn't do it justice.

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